This week LS1 went to HPE this morning.

First Miss Tele’a said that Miss White is going to take as out for pe but Miss Tele’a said that group A is going first for pe. Next when group A was finish pe Miss tele’a said that we it’s our trean know  for HPE so we need to pack up to go out for pe. She said to go out to pe Miss White said that we have to get our hat’s for pe so we don’t get breant from the sun and then when Miss White. Coach said that we are going to practise for athlateics day and then when coach said that we need to hold the ball. Put the ball next to your neck and put your elbow up and then when i throw the ball it went very far away.

When you throw your ball you have to run and get it to the next person and then it was time to switch. We played a game and then coach said that we have to be in groups too. We where playing the game we need to take there bibs and throw it on the groned.

I need to improve on my throwing. I did well at HPE. I  enjoyed doing HPE.

Lila Brinstorm

This week for reading we have been leaning about brinstorm.

first miss white exsened about what shoed we do and she said that go on the class site and find google drawing that she mad.

Nexst miss white seant as of to get our crambooks and go on the class site and find the google drawing that miss white mad so we all got on it

and started to make a seantes and that it didn’t happen befor it happed.

I did well at doing the google doke

I need to improve on spelling

I I enjoyed doing reading


This week LS1 did HPE And miss said that we need to prake teases of Our exfedexes day.

First Miss said that the grils can do somthing elses and then miss said that the boys are going to do some preanes for exfeadexses day.

Nexst miss said that how is going to be my little helper and i said me please and miss said ok and then miss leted me go first to throw the ball

so i said ok thak you so i went to throw the ball and i throw the ball so far away and i need to put the canes on green grass nexst to the balls

and then miss said that we can have to trenes and every one of grils had to ternesso had onemore tern becase haven had a tern yet so was the lose gril to go and to throw the ball.

I did to get well at spelling

I need to improve on writing

I enjoyed doing HPE.

Lila How much money

This term we have been revising our knowledge of decimal numbers.  This week we started our unit on Money.  Knowing your place value and decimal numbers is really important when you are using or working with money.


The main point our teacher wanted us to remember this week is that 100 cents goes into 1 dollar.  Our tasks this week were to…


I did well at writing

I need to improve on spelling

I enjoyed doing Maths.

Niuean Language Week

This week we did niuean Language week.

frist Miss Tele’a and miss white exspaned to us about what should we do and they told us that we need to do the niue Languge week and we also need to present it too.

Nexst we need to miss Tele’a and miss white said that befor we have to go we have to be in awer grup A and B grups.

Injoy doing the niuean Language week wark I need to get better at spelling and writing.

Copyright and Attribution

This term for Cybersmart, we are focusing on Smart Media.  Today we learnt what ‘copyright’ is and what it means for the media we use in our learning and creating.  First we discussed the idea of copyright and ownership with Mr Goodwin and Miss Tele’a.  Next we watched a video.  Then Mr Goodwin shared us our task.  Lastly, we had to find our own examples of Media online.  Here is my work :


this week the heall school went to swimming.

first room 1 and 2 went to swimming and onece they came back it was room 5 and hafe of the LS1 went with them to go to swimming too.

next when its was boys and LS2 boys wnt to swimming to and we need to splet up into to grapes in boys and grils so its not to much peple

And the grils went with miss tele’a and miss white and it was awer tean with the grils and once we went to swimming we need to go in to awer swimming grapes and when i was in the little salle we maved into the big palle and we did awer swimming leasen there in the big pealle  and ofter when we waer done we on the bus and some of the grils where doing there hair so i did my hair and some grils was wasing my hair prakdaks so i said yes and i leted them yoes some but only a let little bit.

Injaned doing the swimming in the palle and i need to get better at my swimming

Emotive language

This week i learned about how to do some Emotive language.

First Miss White shoed as inscruction how to do some Emotive language. Emotive language means a word that makes you feel a certain way.

I did well at doing my blog post.

I need to improve my spelling.

I enjoyed maying the DLO .


This week for Miss Whites reading group we learned about visualizing.

First, we had to be in grounp what visualizing is. Visualizing is to make a mental picture based on a descriptionor text you have written about.

Next we had to make a copy of a document for our partner to draw.

Lastly, I finished drawing what I have heard,smell,taste,see, and hear then we had to blog post our reading.

I enjoy doing working thsiu task. I did well at be good on my reading. i need to imvper on my spelling.